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In the market for a new garage, sun room, or even a full-on expansion of your home? You're in the right place. We offer nothing less than magnificent additions that are so seamless you'll think they were part of the original design.




Phoenix Home Services can transform your living space into exactly what you need.  Whether a new baby has you looking to add an extra bedroom or a new car has you looking to expand your garage, we've got the experience and expertise to bring your ideas to life.  Contact us for a free estimate today!

Please be sure to peruse our website for inspiration or contact us today to find out what we can do with your home to improve the square footage and maximize its potential. We use all of the latest construction standards and comply with all of your county & HOA permitting requirements before we touch the construction site. As an experienced team with over 30 years in the industry and a commitment to customer satisfaction, we will construct your addition without an ounce of hassle!

Consultation From Experienced Professionals

Our remodeling company has over 30 years of experience in delivering premium quality home construction services, of which we are some of Northern Virginia's most highly regarded additions installers. We can take a look at your home and then provide advanced quotes for your remodeling project absolutely free! You will get a free, in-home project consultation with our world-class designers, 3D renderings of your project, and a thorough proposal that details your entire project throughout the planning process. 

Full Home

House feeling cramped? Our single or two story additions can give you the space you need, along with any multi-room additions. Whether it's for a bedroom, guest suite, den, or maybe an office or second kitchen, our designers and builders have the home addition expertise you need.


Garages are highly sought after additions to a home. We can design and build the garage of your dreams whether you have traditional plans to safely house your cars or trucks or more unconventional uses like a gym or workshop.

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Sun Rooms

Why should basking in the Sun be restricted to the warm months? Our custom tailored Sun rooms can give you the freedom to enjoy the Sun from inside the comfort of your own home.

Bump Outs

Not all custom home additions are meant to add an entirely new area to your home. Sometimes, you just need a little additional living space to make better use of an existing room. We can design and build bump-out additions to add a breakfast nook to your kitchen, add a bath to a tiny bathroom, or even just to add a seated reading nook to a bedroom.


Sunroom with Travertine Flooring and Pine Beadboard Ceiling

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Related Terminology

  • Band-Board /bandˌbôrd/noun

    The perimeter floor joist that sits atop the sill in a wood floor framing system.

  • Cantilever /ˈkan(t)lˌēvər/noun

    A rigid structural element, such as a beam or a plate, anchored at only one end to a (usually vertical) support from which it is protruding; this could also be a perpendicular connection to a flat vertical surface such as a wall.

    Cantilever construction allows for overhanging structures without external bracing, in contrast to constructions supported at both ends with loads applied between the supports, such as a simply supported beam found in a post and lintel system.

  • Cricket /ˈkrikit/noun

    A cricket, or saddle, is a ridge structure designed to divert water on a roof around the high side of a chimney or the transition from one roof area to another; the cricket is normally the same pitch as the rest of the roof, but not always.

  • Cupola /ˈkyo͞opələ/noun

    A small dome, especially a small dome on a drum on top of a larger dome, adorning a roof or ceiling.

  • Footer /ˈfo͝odər/noun

    The supporting base or groundwork of a structure, as for a monument or wall.

  • Lintel /ˈlin(t)l/noun

    A horizontal support of timber, stone, concrete, or steel across the top of a door or window.

  • Portland Cement /pôrtland səˈment/noun

    A cement that is manufactured from limestone and clay and that hardens under water.

  • Sump Pump /səmp pəmp/noun

    A pump used to remove water that has accumulated in a water-collecting sump basin, commonly found in the basements of homes.

  • Transom /ˈtran(t)səm/noun

    A window set above the transom of a door or larger window; a fanlight.

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