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Travertine Pool Deck


Curved Screen Room & Travertine Patio


Paver Patio with Seating Wall


Wood Pergola with Vinyl Columns & Stone Bases


Flagstone Patio, Walkway, & Step System


Travertine Patios


Brick Patio & Step System

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No Boring Concrete Slabs Here!

There was a time when your only option was to install a small slab of concrete that you could set up a BBQ and maybe some outdoor furniture—but not anymore. In fact, we don’t even use standard concrete in our designs!

We use the perfect materials...

PA Thermal Blue

PA Lilac (Irregular)

Oyster Blue

PA Variegated (Irregular)

PA Variegated

Allow us the honor of creating a stunning and functional outdoor living space from premium patio materials such as Brick, Teak, FiberonComposite, and an eye-catching selection of Natural Stone. We can add your new outdoor addition to your front yard, back yard, side of the house, or in multiple areas throughout your yard. A few patio ideas you can choose from include:

  • Deck With Stairs
  • Screened-In Deck
  • Pool Deck
  • Paver Patio With Built-In Seating
  • Built-In Planters
  • Porch With Pergola
  • Flagstone Patio With Walkways
  • Brick Oven
  • Fire Pit
  • Full Outdoor Kitchen
  • Garden Seating
  • Stone Walkways In The Front, Side, or Back Of Your Home
  • And More!

Get a Free Estimate!

Meet with our top rated design consultants and get a FREE no-obligation estimate, complete with a professional-grade 3D rendering of your project! Northern VA customers only, please.

There Are Many Benefits

To adding a patio or deck to your home. Not only will your new porch, patio, or deck be custom built and designed to complement your yard and design style—but it is a sound investment for your home. Here are just a few reasons to revamp or add an exterior space:

An Excellent Place To Entertain

Virginia winters might be cold, but our summers are wonderful! Your new outdoor space will become an extension of your home where you can gather with loved ones, kick back and relax, cook and dine, and step out to catch a bit of fresh air. Even your pets will enjoy having a new place to nap and play outdoors.

Increases Your Home Value

Whether you are adding an entirely new space to your yard, or upgrading your current outdoor living space—your modern and beautiful patio will help you maintain, and boost your home value. We use premium patio materials to ensure easy cleaning and maintenance, and a long-lasting home improvement.

Increases Safety

Walkways make is safer to navigate your front or back yard, pool decks reduce the risk of slipping and falling, sturdy stairs help you and your loved ones safely navigate the slope in your yard, and your screened-in areas provide a safe and secure place for kids and pets to play while enjoying a bit of fresh air. Choose from smooth and flat surfaces, or textured stone pathways that are easy to navigate.

Comfort And Function

As your family continues to grow it can get be difficult to find a comfortable space for everyone to do their thing. Adding an outdoor living space is an excellent way to improve comfort and function, and with the growing availability of wireless electronics you can even watch TV, play electronic games, work on your laptop, listen to music, and read on your e-reader while outdoors. For ultimate function, add comfortable outdoor furniture that rivals the comfort of indoor furniture. Also, a screened in porch can provide you with a year-round home extension—without the cost of a remodel.

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Related Terminology

Basket Weave Pattern

/ˈbaskət wēv/

A pattern that simulates rows of pavers being interlaced, resembling basketwork. 



A flat stone slab, typically rectangular or square, used for paving.