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“Drainage is extremely important. Basically, it’s the basis for everything else you’re doing. Whether you’re installing plantings or building walls, unless you have the right soil conditions, nothing is going to work the right way. And the first step to having appropriate soil conditions is to have the drainage figured out correctly.”

Phoenix Home Services' own, Steve "Aquaman" Bowes;
as quoted on Irrigation & Green Industry



Few things are as destructive and stressful as water coming into your home.  The issues that cause water intrusion can vary wildly…from distressed foundations to an artesian well under the home, a saturated water table due to poor topical drainage or simply incorrectly installed downspouts.  Just as there is no single problem that causes a water issue, there is no single solution to fix them.  

Wet yards, leaking sub-grade walls, water in the basement, icing walkways and sidewalks, cracking driveways, failing stoops and patios, flooding walkouts, distressed exterior walls, backed-up downspouts, erosion, sick trees due to water saturation, MOSQUITOES…all of these are problems we solve all the time.  If you are facing any of these challenges and need help please request an estimate and we will be happy to come and provide a plan and fair cost estimate to deal with the problem.    

Many drainage contractors offer a one-stop solution…..jackhammer your floor, install an interior drain, hook it up to a sump pump and cycle the water out to the yard.  Is that the answer?  In some cases it has to be, but rarely.  At Phoenix our goal is always to mitigate the water issue at the source, outside the home, and to prevent water from ever entering the house.  When necessary we can, and do, install interior drains and pumps but more often than not we can solve the problem on the exterior without major disruption and destruction on the inside of your home, (and to your peace of mind!).

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Related Terminology

  • Cricket /ˈkrikit/noun

    A cricket, or saddle, is a ridge structure designed to divert water on a roof around the high side of a chimney or the transition from one roof area to another; the cricket is normally the same pitch as the rest of the roof, but not always.

  • Sump Pump /səmp pəmp/noun

    A pump used to remove water that has accumulated in a water-collecting sump basin, commonly found in the basements of homes.

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