Phoenix Home Services, Inc.

We've got you covered.

From start to finish.

Our approach to home improvement is completely hassle-free for you. We'll handle all of the detail along the way to make sure your project gets done exactly to your specifications and with zero headache.

Step 1:
In-Home Consultation

All of our projects begin with a no-obligation, face-to-face meeting between you and a member of our world-class design team. We'll learn what your goals are, share our expert opinion, and come up with the perfect game-plan for your home.

Step 2:
Comprehensive 3D Design

In the construction industry "a picture is worth a thousand words" couldn't be more inaccurate. There is no amount of words that can guarantee that your vision is the same as your contractor's. That's why we show you full-color, high-detail 3D designs of your project to ensure that our visions are completely in-sync before you ever spend a penny.

Step 3:
Detailed Proposal

Once you've approved our designs, it's important to get all of the specifics on paper. We provide each and every one of our customers with thoroughly detailed proposals. We won't drown you in paperwork either. Typically around one page for most projects, our service agreements are clear and concise.

Step 4:
Scheduling & Preparation

From this point forward, you're off-the-hook! We'll get your project scheduled, draw up the official plans, and handle city & county permits and HOA so you can rest at ease, knowing your project is in good hands.

Step 5:
Build & Installation

This is the moment you've been waiting for! Our project managers will get our crews to your property to build & install your project efficiently and with as little disturbance to you and your family as possible.

Step 6:
Final Walk-through

Every one of our projects is wrapped up with a final walk-through. We'll assess the finished project point-by-point to make sure everything is to spec and meets our quality standards. We'll also handle any final inspections that may be required by your city or county. All you have to do is enjoy the newest part of your home!

Jaw-dropping results.

Our work speaks for itself. With thousands of projects completed over more than 30 years our showcase alone is more extensive than most complete portfolios.

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