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Travertine Pool Deck


Masonry & Deck Step System


Built-In Outdoor Grill


Brick-Trimmed Concrete Driveway


Stone Fire Pit & Seating Wall

The Phoenix masonry team is lauded for their expertise, speed, and capabilities as Northern Virginia’s best in the business. The majority of our Angie’s List reviews are for our A+ work with masonry. The services our masons complete are, but not limited to, patios, basements, retaining walls, water features, driveways, fireplaces, and cooking stations. Contact us today to get your free estimate and begin the masonry project you’ve always wanted!

Related Terminology

Basket Weave Pattern

/ˈbaskət wēv/

A pattern that simulates rows of pavers being interlaced, resembling basketwork. 



A flat stone slab, typically rectangular or square, used for paving.



The supporting base or groundwork of a structure, as for a monument or wall.

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