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Beautiful Screen Room with Cable Railing

Unique Barrel-Roof Portico

Captivating Garage with Brick Water Table

Masonry & Deck Step System

Stone Fire Pit & Seating Wall

Screened-In Porch & Deck Lighting

Travertine Pool Deck


The construction industry in the United States is ever-growing and is ultimately one of the foundations of a healthy global economy. With the population always rising; the number of homes, apartment blocks and properties must correlate with that growth to meet the needs of the country. Now, this also means there is an increased demand for skilled contractors to complete necessary projects. One mark of a skilled contractor is the Class A Contractor license.

What is a Class A Contractor?

Ultimately, to become a Class A Contractor the requirements are extremely specific and the process diligent. As a result, those construction companies who acquire the license are legally permitted to complete projects of all magnitudes and budgets. Just to clarify; contractor licenses range from A to C, and you must have at least the basic level to perform projects which surpass $1,000.

Moreover, the first step you must progress through to obtain this license is a stringent 8-hour pre-licensing course. In fact, all construction companies seeking a categorization must complete this stage. Next, you’re then required to excel in a whole host of different exams. To secure ourselves the Class A Contractor license, we completed general, advanced, law and specialty exams. 

Furthermore, another prerequisite to achieving the unrivaled contractor badge is having vast experience. We have been incredibly passionate about home remodeling and construction for many, many years because we genuinely believe that a home acts a platform for people to express themselves and their personality through style, décor, and overall appearance.

Our Dedication to the License

We strongly feel that people love to enhance, change, and add to their home in different ways. Therefore, they require a contractor that they can trust and rely on to deliver quality, and from Phoenix Home Service’s birth, we wanted to be the epitome of trust and reliability within the construction trade. 

All of these requirements that we’ve needed to meet just highlight how accomplished we are in the construction industry. We don’t compromise on quality, we don’t neglect customer relationships, and we never fail to complete a project flawlessly within a given timeframe. However, we’re also never satisfied, and we continuously strive to improve our level of service to ensure we repeatedly leave clients amazed at the final result.

Yes, We Are a Class A Contractor

But, fundamentally, we’re just a dedicated, well-skilled and experienced construction service that endeavors to exceed the needs of homeowners on a daily basis. If you were looking to bring your imagination to reality concerning your home, wouldn’t you rather leave it in the safe hands of a Class A Contractor like Phoenix Home Services?

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