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"Phoenix was able to provide all of the necessary information for our HOA approval."
- Keith N.

Wood Screen Room with Shed Roof

During the process to get quotes from multiple contractors we had Phoenix come and take a look to quote out the work. Their quote was slightly more than competitors, but you could tell immediately the experience and quality was better. Without even asking we were provided a detailed quote (to include a material list), as well as a design so we could picture how the changes would impact the look of our home and also how we could best utilize the space before committing to a large investment. Included in the contract was also the terms of payments and they were tied to milestones as progress was made. Phoenix was able to provide all of the necessary information for our HOA approval, this was a one-time transaction rather than asking for each item individually a comprehensive list of documents was provided for submission. Phoenix also handled all of the permitting and inspections by the county. The only thing requested by them was a copy of the plat. As construction began we started thinking of small tweaks to the work to include additional lights, ceiling fans, and electrical. There was also a small set of steps leading out of our garage to our backyard we had replaced. These were all executed under an addendum, and the process to draw them up and make the changes as we went was smooth (to include payment structure). The teams that came out were excellent and professional. They were very meticulous, methodical, and hard working. I've dealt with other contractors who come and go as other projects take priority, but with this project I felt like we were the priority. To construct everything, get it inspected, and finished was about 2.5 weeks from demo to final payment. This included a holiday and a few rain days. The end product is amazing and it's a new space that we use all of the time. I would recommend Phoenix for jobs similar to this and definitely take them into considerations for other major projects in our home in the future.