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"Once the project began, so did the fun!"
- Patricia C.

After I decided to close in my 2 1/2 car carport I went about interviewing contractors. I've heard you should interview at least two, preferably three, but it took me seven before I settled on Phoenix! I didn't feel comfortable with anyone I spoke with so I kept going until Clint from Phoenix came out. We clicked instantly and within days I had a beautiful design. We also talked about a new roof, portico over the front door, and new driveway and walkway. Clint, so smart, was honest with me when I told him my budget. It wasn't going to allow me to do everything so he said, "you need a roof and garage, you don't need anything else right now." That was in 12/2016. My roof was put on in early 2017 and my beautiful garage was just completed a couple weeks ago no thanks to Fairfax County! It took almost a year to get the permits because the county didn't like other aspects of my property; the height of my shed, how close it was to the fence line, and the distance from my EXISTING carport to the fence line. Clint and Steve kept on the county and even came out and took over 200 photos of my property to submit for the "special permit" after the county turned down the original permit. They made numerous visits to the county and kept me posted on the progress over the next many months and never charged me for the cost of the "special permit" which was at least a few thousand dollars. Once the project began, so did the fun! I loved working with Rob and his crew and Clint and Steve came out regularly to check on the progress as Clint promised me he would. I changed the design adding a couple windows that Clint didn't charge me for, and as the garage progressed, I decided to add a new front door and Clint was a big help in that. I couldn't be happier. Phoenix still has the design for the portico and the walkway and as soon as possible, I'll contact them to finish everything.