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Small Refund ($1 to $500)

If your refund this year left a lot to be desired, don't worry! You can still invest in your home with smaller projects that tackle what's often forgotten, but essential, in a home.

You could replace your smoke alarms with newer models that are also part carbon monoxide detector, or switch out all of your incandescent light bulbs to LED.

Recaulking your shower or tub will reduce water damage.

A new area rug to cover worn spots on a wooden floor adds both protection and pizzazz.

Replacing kitchen or bathroom hardware can instantly revamp outdated cabinets without having to paint or restore them.

The driveway should be resealed every 3-5 years, depending on the type (asphalt, concrete, etc.).

Ceiling fans can increase your energy efficiency in the hotter months while also adding a key focal point to any room.

A new coat of paint to your exterior or interior will make everything appear pristine.

Recaulked and repainted baseboards will guaranteed make the room pop.

New hardware for the front door or garage is a huge visual upgrade for being such a small addition.

Painting your front door is a great way to raise curb appeal and increase your home's worth - did you know houses with blue or gray doors boost their value by about $1,500?

Moderate Refund ($501 to $2,000)

With more money, comes more wiggle room!

Instead of giving your house a facelift with fresh paint and new hardware, you can opt to get completely new front doors, garage doors, and/or windows that are more energy efficient.

Replace kitchen and bath faucets with modern, sleek designs. Swap out your archaic kitchen appliances for new ones, possibly even smart appliances!

Refinish the worn wooden floor that's being hidden by the rug.

Try new tiles on your bathroom floor or kitchen backsplash for a small rendition of bathroom/kitchen remodeling.

Scrape off the tacky popcorn ceiling and install crown molding with cove lighting or box beams to give off a refined feel.

Learn about how to create a dynamic lighting design plan with all three types of light - ambient, task, and accent - and update with new fixtures accordingly. 

Fat Refund ($2,001 to $5,000+)

Peak adulting is when you get as excited to splurge on the home, as you were as a kid to splurge on toys. With a large refund, you can delve into more complete remodels of larger interior projects like bathroom and kitchen remodels, and can consider permanent exterior ventures like hardscaping.

Perhaps you've been wanting a fire pit and a paver patio?

Outdoor kitchens are a great way to incorporate more of your property into comfortable living spaces.

Property or privacy fences are one of the best ways to increase the resale value of your home.

Change out your slider door with the always elegant French door.

Replace your builder grade kitchen counters with quartzite or granite.

Or for pure self-enjoyment, install a tankless water heater for endless hot showers. 

However you spend your refund, you should consider that investing over impulse buying can be just as fun! Who doesn't want a waterfall shower head or smaller electricity bill? But be warned, it's contagious! Once you begin to remodel and renovate your home, you'll be hard pressed to stop.

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